• Nic Brummell

    Nic Brummell

    Department:   Applied Math & Statistics
    Email:  brummell@ucsc.edu
    Fluid dynamics; magnetohydrodynamics; numerical simulations of geophysical and astrophysical dynamics, especially solar interior physics; supercomputing
  • Jonathan Fortney

    Jonathan Fortney

    Department:  Astronomy and Astrophysics
    Email: jfortney@ucolick.org
    Planetary atmospheres and interiors, extrasolar planets
  • Pascale Garaud

    Pascale Garaud

    Department:   Applied Math & Statistics
    Email: pgaraud@ucsc.edu
    Astrophysics, geophysics, fluid dynamics, numerical resolutions of differential equations, and mathematical modeling of natural flows
  • Ian Garrick-Bethell

    Ian Garrick-Bethell

    Department:   Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Email:  igarrick@ucsc.edu
    Planetary Interiors, Paleomagnetism
  • Gary Glatzmaier

    Gary Glatzmaier

    Department:  Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Email:  glatz@ucsc.edu
    Computer simulation of geodynamics and planetary dynamics
  • Elise Knittle

    Elise Knittle

    Department:  Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Email:  eknittle@ucsc.edu
    Experimental Geophysics and Mineral Physics
  • Greg Laughlin

    Greg Laughlin

    Department:  Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Email:  laughlin@ucolick.org
    Extra-solar planets, numerical astrophysic
  • Thorne Lay

    Thorne Lay

    Department:  Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Email:  tlay@ucsc.edu
    Earthquake and Global Structure Seismology
  • Doug Lin

    Doug Lin

    Department:  Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Email:  lin@ucolick.org
    Fluid dynamics, star formation, galactic structure, planetary systems, accretion disks, extra-solar planets
  • Claire Max

    Claire Max

    Department:  Astronomy & Astrophysics and UC Observatories
    Email:  max@ucolick.org
    Adaptive optics and high spatial resolution imaging, colliding galaxies, active galactic nuclei and their supermassive black hole
  • Francis Nimmo

    Francis Nimmo

    Department:  Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Email:  fnimmo@ucsc.edu
    Icy satellites, accretion, Mars, planetary geophysics

  • Lisa Sloan

    Lisa Sloan

    Department:  Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Email:  lsloan@ucsc.edu
    Paleoclimatology and Earth System Science
  • Slawek Tulaczyk

    Slawek Tulaczyk

    Department:  Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Email:  stulaczy@ucsc.edu
    Glaciology and Glacial Geology, Glacial Geomorphology, Soil Mechanics
  • Quentin Williams

    Quentin Williams

    Department:  Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Email:  stulaczy@ucsc.edu
    Mineral Physics, Experimental Geochemistry
  • Steve Vogt

    Steve Vogt

    Department:   Astronomy & Astrophysics / UC Observatories
    Email: vogt@ucolick.org
    Extrasolar planets, stellar, spectroscopy, instrumentation